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Travel of Another Kind

As I have not gone anywhere exotic or other, lately I didn’t want to leave this segment of my blog in cobwebs. I decided to write about my astral travel over my neighbours house.

I have this neighbor beside me with a lovely garden. They are planning to move because of the noise and the traffic of the new Metro Rail that runs right across our homes, in a diagonal sort of way.

Last night I did it again. I managed to astral travel and this time I did not get stuck in my ceiling and I went out into the night air. I am thinking it is night for it was dark in the astral and I could make out the roof of my house and my neighbors. I started floating towards my neighbour’s house but felt that I would ram right into their trees and when I thought it, I went, “PLUNK” right back into my body.

I stirred a little from my sleep and felt I was half awake to realize what had happened. I tried to go back out again .. but then it was morning and I couldn’t remember anything else. I’ll try again tonight.

I haven’t been back to that place where the beautiful, fragrant flowers sit atop the trees, in such a long while. I wonder why?

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