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Lola Tuding (Gertrude Vaflor Villadar)

I went back to Cebu for my grandmother’s 90th birthday. Her name is Gertrude Vaflor Villadar a.k.a. Lola Tuding. She is a strong woman. I have only seen her (of what I can remember) twice in my life. Once in ’83 when we visited and 21 years later, this past March. We had to take a 2-hour boat ride to the island of Negros where she lived. We were supposed to arrive there on a Friday and leave Monday but there was a typhoon warning so we only departed from Cebu on Sunday morning. We only stayed there overnight. Imagine that?!

Lola’s Hand

21 years later, thousands of miles away and many hours on a plane, and I only got to spend mere hours with my Lola. The day we were leaving I decided to take this picture of our hands together. I got the idea from that movie “Beaches”. The mother was going to die and she was ransacking through her photos of a picture of her mother’s hand while her young daughter looked on. The lady kept saying, “I can’t even remember what my mother’s hands looked like.” That part of the movie touched me. Now, I make sure to take photos of HANDS.

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