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If It Doesn’t Work Out, That’s a Good Sign

I could count the number of times in my life when things just didn’t work out. It could’ve been something I really wanted, had planned for (short or midterm), had anticipated happening, was told it would happen, and even a few relationships that I had hoped would turn out (personal and business).

A few of these involved losses of money, loss of time, and/or effort, a loss of a person. Mostly, it involved the exercise of learning to lose my pride.

Pride aside, I will say this. For everything that has never turned out in my life, came a replacement of something or someone so much better. I quickly learned to recognize this pattern of “after the bad, always comes the good”, or the conscious act of “looking for the silver lining” whenever it felt as if I was in a bad place (again). More often, you don’t easily find the silver lining and the turn-around-time (TAT) for having the good present itself, can sometimes be slow. Real slow, as in a few years.

Now, when things don’t work out, I get giddy inside. I take it as a sign that something great will happen next. It always does. Always. But like I said, the TAT can be slow. In that case, it becomes an exercise in patience, perseverance, and preparing my mindset for the awesome that’s to come.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. You may not agree with the things I write about. That’s perfectly okay.

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