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I am. I am not. I will. I won’t.

I am social when I need to be. Really, I’m an introvert (hard to believe). I’m just able to be “on” when it’s called for.

I prefer quiet, uncluttered, mono/duotone colored spaces to think, read, and work in. I’d rather not be around crowds, in a mall, or at events. I find them sickly distracting, overrated, and overdone. But I often attend events for work and if you must know, I know how to exploit and get the most out of an event in terms of information and connecting with the right people.

Also, I’d rather shop in a mall because of the selection and variety of types of products. Malls have sales that are really good when there is sales. I tackle mall time by applying the quick “in and out” method. Get in, get what I need, make a mental note of stores with sales, then get out. In a day or two I’ll go back and revisit the stores with sales, make a quick run-through, buy, then leave. Yes. I am a man’s dream (in that aspect). I also never force anyone to accompany me to malls. I like malling on my own.

I’m a very private person. I seldom if ever, invite anyone to my abode. If you’ve been invited (even to take a peek), consider yourself very lucky (you know who you are). I don’t like spontaneous visits. You can buzz, or knock but depending on my mood, I may not answer. @garison is and maybe the only person I have every openly welcomed from a spontaneous buzz (of the apartment buzzer).

I have a smartphone. Heck, I have several smartphones. You can call me if you like but I won’t answer. Texting is better. I still may not reply right away, unless it’s for work. I will however, answer a call if I am expecting a call. If not? Oh well. Tough beans. Hopefully you’ll leave a message or send me a text. Best to just send me a text first. Or better yet, a tweet. I’ll respond faster to tweets or texts.

I’ll foursquare/swarm my current location, and even Instagram my surroundings, the food I’m eating or coffee I’m having, but I’ll seldom take a selfie, or be in a photo unless someone else takes it.

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