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Posts published in “The Art of Consulting”

Consulting is an art form. It combines the ability to understand a client’s  needs vs their wants. Simply, a consultant helps the client identify realistic business goals and shows them how to reach these goals, effectively.

Consulting has many aspects.  Client engagement will depend on the type of consulting needed and the expertise of the consultant.


Client goals, client expectations, and perceived timelines are managed on an ongoing basis. Communicate with the client at least weekly. This ensures that you and the client are always on the “same page”.

Confidence plays a key role when becoming a consultant. You have gathered vital knowledge, skills, and experience over the years. Clients feel more comfortable paying for your service when you package yourself well.

You’ll know if a consulting career is for you after you’re first client. Create a simple website. There are many online platforms that host free websites. Establish a social media presence. Make sure you’re LinkedIn profile is filled out effectively. Let your family and friends know and ask them to help spread the word.