AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) recognizes that artificial intelligence is the fundamental backbone of IoT (Internet of Things). AI and IoT are inseparable. Merging the two acronyms to form AIoT is only logical.

Forget about IoT (Internet of Things). The use of some form of AI (artificial intelligence) in almost everything we use in our everyday lives is inevitable. – digitalfemme (Nov. 2015)

IoT’s recent growth has reached a point where we can no longer deny the importance of the use of artificial intelligence. IoT is simply part of an infrastructure of an ecosystem that has not yet been conceived of. A logistical blue print layer for a much more advanced and emotional system that not only understands data but uses it to interact with us and our surroundings.

We will use the hashtag #AIoT to promote the use of this acronym. We will also discuss how AIoT affects our ethics, our behaviours in social and business, and any other topic that involves AIoT.

Help promote the use of AIoT by using the hashtag #AIoT instead of #IoT where appropriate.

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