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Most websites include an “About” page. The page can evolve over time, indicating efforts to stay relevant online. This page will definitely evolve over time.


This site serves as a platform where I post my current thoughts in the hopes of keeping me relevant in today’s online world. This is not to say that I do a good job of posting consistently. The focus of my writings will be to look at current topics and trends and come up with the foresight on how these things affect the future. This really is for my own interest. Of course, you’re welcome to agree or disagree. I am not married to any ideas that I put forth. I am merely exploring the possibilities by using my imagination.

In case you’re wondering, the photo here is of my Second Life avatar.

It’s important to mention that the site had been first conceived back in 2003 with many stops and starts with its most recent stop and start occurring this past April. There was a glitch in code and past content got affected. I created a backup but in the minimalist spirit I decided to allow myself to “let go” of my written past.

It wasn’t easy.

You’ll notice that I’ve included a category named “Artificial Intelligence of Things”. It is my attempt to get the world to replace IoT with AIoT.

Here’s something worth noting: I somehow found my way on Ross Dawson’s List of World’s Top Female Futurists.  Pretty neat, huh?!

DF Studio Café is how I make a living. My professional website is here.

If you want to know more about me just send me a message.